Welcome to the Tungtong River Conservation Project website.  For first time visitors, the following documentary is an excellent introduction to who we are and what we do.  The documentary was made by Alren Desoyo, Dana Cabrera, Georgia Katindig and Riana Santos- all HEDCen HS Graduates Batch 2010-2011.  Banner photos courtesy of Rye Delfin, HEDCen HS Graduate Batch 2009-2010.


This website is intended primarily, to raise awareness of the need to restore and preserve the Tungtong River watershed; and secondarily, to have a repository of data gathered through various research and conservation projects conducted by students and faculty of the Holistic Education and Development Center, a non-stock, not-for-profit, non-sectarian private school in Taytay, Rizal.

If you want to know more, watch an interview regarding the TRCP on the Global News Network; or see some of our 4th year High School students in action as they carry out a study of the Near-Threatened Luzon Fanged Frog (Limnonectes macrocephalus) which has been featured in an episode of GMA 7’s Born to Be Wild show.  You may also visit our Facebook page.

We are also very proud to share with you the following CNN video which features the Holistic Education and Development Center and TRCP (watch video on the CNN Philippines’ site).

Thank you for your visit.  Feel free to look around and do leave constructive comments as you see fit.  Shalom!

For inquiries you may contact: (1) the current TRCP Coordinator, Mr. Henry G. Calilung at 0943-310-8290 or email at hgc.hedcen@gmail.com; or (2) use the TRCP Hotline at 0927-975-6380 or email at hedcentrcp@gmail.com.  You may also contact our host school via HEDCen Hotline 0917-558-2968 or visit the HEDCen fb page @ hedcenmedia.

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Look through the shady leaves of summer

by Eunice Aaron (HEDCen HS IV 2011-2012); Photo by Rye Delfin (HEDCen HS Graduate 2010-2011)

The following poem is also an excellent introduction to TRCP.  Namaste!

Look through the shady trees of summer

Hear the song of the birds

Run with the waters of the river

You’ll never realize

How much will be wasted

If this was never seen

Hidden, as people may find it

Wrecked, as the creatures see it

Happiness it’s filled with

Tears of the rain it’s submerged in

Leaves fall down from the branches

Down they go with laughter and sadness

They go on a long way

And then,

They stop.

I climb down the rocks

To hear the sound of the rush

The crystals hidden in the water

Stay hidden

And could never be found

The footprints of children stay in there

For it cannot forget the happiness it had

When it had people that see its beauty

No ordinary person could see

Shout at the rocks

Hear no reply

Peacefully it sits near the waters

It doesn’t want anything

But silence

And the melody of the falls

Slowly the grass dances

With the wind

Gracefully it sways

To the leaps of the insects

If this was never found,

What would it be now?