HEDCen’s Earth Scouts had a clean-up session last February 11, 2011 from 8AM to 12NN.  Some 120 Grades 1 to 3 students attended as part of the Earth Scouts’ Day Camp and culminating activity.  The scouts were attended to by their teachers and by their ates and kuyas in the High School.  In addition to helping the small ones along the trail, the high school students mentored the scouts and showed them how to properly pick up and handle the trash.  Photos: Rye Delfin, HEDCen HS Batch 2011.

The HEDCen Earth Scout cravat- never leave base camp without it!
Smile! This is the “before” picture- when we were still very clean! (That’s Earth Scout Master Carmie hugging her patrol members)
Earth Scout Mentor Georgia Katindig (HEDCen HS Batch 2011) shows us her most winning smile.
“Laging handa!” Earth Scout clean-up gear: gloves, cap, knapsack with extra clothes, snacks and water, hand sanitizer, and insect repellant lotion.
Earth Scout masters and mentors lining up along the path’s dangerous cliff-side areas. They serve as a ballister for the young ones. From left we have: Majalya Fernando (Values Ed and English Teacher), Jasmin Valera, Carlo Felizardo and Bella Fernandez (all 4th yr HS).
“Yes sir, yes sir, one bag full!”
Mentoring by example. Earth Scout Mentor Dafrose Bajaro (4th yr HS) shows the young ones how clean-up should be done..
The Scouts did a little bit of wall climbing. Shown here is the Upper Basin of the river with the huge balete tree (known in English as Fig and in botany as Ficus)
The Earth Scout Mentors formed a human chain up the wall so the young ones can have a fun but safe climb.
Go Chester! Go Chester! Go!

Great job Chester!
Everyone got tired..
And sweaty…
And cranky. (That’s Scout Master Bernard)
Nevertheless, everyone had a smile to spare. (That’s Scout Master Annie taking a break with her patrol).
Earth Scout Mentors (From left to right): Skie Carranza (3rd HS), Denise Costes (HS Batch 2011), Luis Hombrebueno (4th HS).
That’s Earth Scout Master Mayette laughing her heart out. Cheers Teacher Mayette! We will miss you!
Earth Scout Mentor Lorenzo Pepito (HS Batch 2011) having the time of his life, apparently =)
All in a day’s work for the HEDCen Earth Scout.
Kudos to HEDCen Earth Scout Mentors muscle-power! They hauled the trash bags up 200 meters at an incline of 45 degree or greater. (From left to right: Luigi Fernandez, Vinz Epino, Shane Bucat, Rvin Resuma, and Skie Carranza)