The September study is scheduled on September 16 to 17, 2011.  If you’re interested in volunteering, send me an email (


A reminder from Sir Neil (for those interested in participating in the survey for frogs):

Personal Things to bring for Herping, a.k.a. Anuran Sampling, a.k.a. Frogging:
1. Headlamp with red bulb or red cellophane covering (preferred over flashlight, because both hands are free)
2. Insect repellent
3. First aid kit (includes your personal meds)
4. Pocket field notebook and mechanical pencil
5. Raincoat (if you don’t have one, just bring extra set of clothes)
6. Small backpack where you can place items #3-5, plus your trail food & water bottle
7. Water-proofing (resealable plastic bags) for gadgets & other stuff that shouldn’t get wet

Long-sleeved shirt (camisa)
Long pants (lightweight, quick-dry material; maong & cotton jogging pants are discouraged)
Dark-colored socks & rubber boots (or aqua shoes/booties)