Before proceeding to the day’s opening, we took some shots of the wonderful football field of the UEP (Wow!! was the universal comment of our seniors.).

Day 3 began with a series of talks culminating in the day’s keynote address.  The first of these talks was given by Mr. Ranier Manalo, Program Head of the Crocodylus Porosus Philippines, Inc., one of the sponsors of the symposium.  Mr. Manalo shared with us the updates from various crocodile research and conservation programs.  Next was Ms. Madhu Rao of the Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP).  Ms. Rao (who also works for the IUCN and WCS-Singapore) expounded on ASAP’s mission-vision- that of creating a unified plan-of-action for species threatened across Asia.

The day’s keynote address was given by one of the Philippine’s most noted biologist and wildlife conservationist, Dr. Angel C. Alcala who is now the Director of the Silliman University-Angelo King Center for Research and Environmental Management (to learn more about Dr. Alcala, please follow this link).  Sir Angel shared with us his take on climate change and how this would affect biodiversity conservation plans in the Philippines.  He focused on marine protected areas and showed us some fascinating videos from his dives (unfortunately, said videos aren’t published yet so we were requested not to reproduce them).  Our students lost no time in requesting for a photo and signature of this true Filipino hero of the Philippine environment =).

Day 3 was the day of reckoning for Mr. Ackie Adeva, Mr. Mico Protacio, Ms. Abigail Resuma and Ms. Kaji Salvador who shared their groups’ papers via a 15-minute oral presentation.  Details of their topics (and the rest of the authors without whose help this would not have been possible) appear below:

The 15 minutes was divided into a 12-minute PowerPoint talk and a 3-minute Q & A.  Our seniors did very well and were very well received (Ms. Abigail, team leader of the Bird Team was there as a “coach” for Mr. Mico).  One member of the audience, an American tropical tree expert from the University of Brunei, was heard to comment: “I can’t believe these are High School students!”  The pictures below mostly show the tension our speakers felt BEFORE they spoke.  The all-smiles picture in the cafe is the AFTER =).

The HEDCen oral presenters at work. (Thanks to Mrs. Hernandez for these photos.)

Here are the video clips of our HEDCen High School oral presenters (note that these are HD clips so they will take some time to download):

First we have Mr. Ackie Nathan P. Adeva reporting on “Factors affecting frog and toad diversity in two mountain streams in Antipolo/Taytay: Habitat degradation, invasive species, and climate change.”

Group members: Ivan Lorenzo T. Alvarez, Christian Justin U. de los Angeles, Jae Hwan Lee, Terence Michael M. Rasul, Miguel Carlos A. Salanga, and Raphael Alfonso Javier D. Santos

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At this point, a question was asked by one of the viewers (Mr. Aloy is a researcher at the Institute of Biology, University of the Philippines, Diliman.  One of his areas of expertise is that of herpetology or the study of reptiles and amphibians).  Our adviser, Mr. Henry Calilung, thought it fit to reply in order to do justice to the work of the Frog Team.

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Second, we have Mr. Angelico Miguel B. Protacio reporting on “Recreation vs. conservation: Resolving the conflict between profit and nature in hotel and resort development projects.”

Group members: Andre Stephen J. Calderon, Girmun Carl C. Dumada-og, Trevor John S. Fronda, Esther L. Hwang, Jay Ransel P. Loyola, and Abigail C. Resuma

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There was a lot of Q & A for our speaker.  Mr. VP, the first to ask, is a staff member at the Haribon Foundation.  Mr. Protacio fielded the most questions and has answered all of them most satisfactorily.

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Last but not least, we have Ms. Angelica Gabrielle R. Salvador reporting on “Lost and found: strengthening ethnobotanical knowledge in Antipolo/Taytay.”

Group members: Raphael C. Cabiles, John Michael L. Galunan, Eun Gu Rhee, Joannah Marie G. Rivera, and Robert S. Yoingco

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The series of oral presentations by our HEDCen High School students was closed with a message from our adviser, Mr. Henry G. Calilung:

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At 1500H, the HEDCen contingent facilitated a workshop entitled, “From Classroom to Forest: Establishing the need for a revitalized environmental science curriculum for grade school and high school students.”  The 3-hour long workshop was intended to share with fellow teachers HEDCen’s passion for moulding today’s youth into tomorrow’s environmental crusaders.


Here we have three video clips of the workshop.  (Note that these are HD clips so they will take quite a bit of time to download.)

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Day 3 ended with a fellowship dinner at the UEP’s Whitebeach Resort.  Our seniors evidently enjoyed their well-deserved break after a grueling day.  (Thanks to Mrs. Hernandez for additional photos in this section.)

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