IMG_1073As far as I know (or should I say as far as Google knows), there is no Environmental Olympics anywhere in the world.  So TRCP instituted a competitive clean-up race at the 2016 HEDCen Sportsfest.  This could be the start of something big!  =)


The 4 teams were given an hour to collect trash.  The hour limit includes the bringing and weighing of the trash in the collecting station.  The HS students who participated ended up looking as dirty as the trash they collected but the smiles on their very tired faces showed that they had a rockin’ good time.  The big winner in this event is of course the resident plants and animals of the Tungtong River, who I am sure thanked the students of HEDCen for making their home a little bit cleaner.  Kudos to these Guardians of the Earth!

Cheers to Sir A (Librarian of HEDCen’s Resource Center for Discovery and Learning) for the nice photos!