That’s me (in black) and my sister Lulu having a nice chat as the morning sun warmed our backs.

The TRCP Coordinator, Sir Henry Calilung invited my sister and I to a tree maintenance session to check on the conditions of tree saplings planted along the banks of the river last Wednesday, July 13.  Sir H (as he is coolly called by his students) led us to the upstream parts of the river to an area in which several attempts to plant trees have already been made.  However, very few of the saplings manage to survive.





Here’s a dead sapling.

The saplings either dry up during the dry season or get strangled by vines during the rainy season.  Maintaining the trees (watering in the dry season and pruning during the rainy season) requires a lot of time and effort.



As we continued to scout the area, we were thrilled to find 10 healthy and budding saplings (garnering a big hurray) that made the 6:00 am trek worth the while.

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It was a definitely a rewarding trek.  Although some of the saplings were beyond saving, we managed to find a few that began to bud and so secured them with bamboo poles.  Although we lacked in hands, we managed to do a lot of work all before the sun fully rose.  We are inviting more people to help us care for the endangered Philippine native trees in the Tungtong River’s Tree Conservatory areas.  Calling all Earth heroes! Come join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00am (meeting place is at HEDCen).


Words and photos by Lyka and Lulu Arellano.  Lyka, the older sister is a HEDCen HS Graduate Batch 2015 and is now taking up Music in UP Diliman; Lulu is an incoming Grade 10 HEDCen HS student and is the President of the HEDCen Student Council 2016-2017.