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Hoos that? (New bird record for Tungtong, 20 Jun 2016)

IMG_3220The security and maintenance staff of a grocery store near to TRCP’s host school of Holistic Education and Development Center gave to us a Philippine Scops-Owl (Otus megalotis) that they found in their parking lot.  They reportedly saw the owl dropping from a nearby tree.

Upon examination, we did not find any obvious injuries so after documenting and getting morphometric data, we kept the owl in a cage with water.  We tried feeding it with a small lab mouse but it didn’t want to (maybe because it was noon time?).  We released the owl by dusk and it flew to a nearby cluster of bamboo trees and stayed perched for some time before flying off.  Unfortunately, we were unable to collect blood feathers for DNA fingerprinting and had no access to a bird tag at the time.

Bill length – 20mm; Bill depth – 18mm; Wing length – 190mm; Tail length – 95mm; Tarsus length – 50mm; 250 g

This is exciting for us since it confirms the presence of the species in the Tungtong River watershed.  We’ve been hearing them for sometime and even receiving anecdotal reports of sightings but this is the first time that we have concrete proof.

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Many thanks to Sir Ton Nakpil (HEDCen’s Multimedia and Information Technology Subject Area Coordinator) for the cool pictures!  Teacher Rubby Alcaraz (HEDCen’s Math Coordinator) and Sir Henry Calilung (TRCP Coordinator) took morphometric data while some Grade 2 and 3 students looked on.

PS If anyone out there has an alternative ID, we’d be glad to hear from you.


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    It looks like an owl to me.

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