The TRCP has always believed in the central role of the youth in conservation efforts.  The following poem from Patricia Calderon (HEDCen HS Batch 2015-2016) is a prime example.  Amidst the distractions of summer break and while preparing for college, Patricia’s mind (and heart) took a moment to fly to the river that she loves.  No, Pat will not take up Environmental Science in college but she will definitely remain an environmentalist where it matters.

The same goes for Rye Delfin (HEDCen HS Batch 2010-2011) whose pictures do more than just embellish Pat’s words.  He took these and more for his college project in advertising.  Rye, who is now training to be a full-pledged commercial airline pilot, will truly keep his love for our Mother Earth burning in his heart.


Cheers to Pat and Rye!  Two reasons to keep doing what we’re doing!