Teacher Emm13461344_10206562277603221_397878716_oa Gutierrez, foundress of TRCP’s host school (HEDCen-TLFH), is a masterful water color artist and her recent work shown at left attests to this.  She painted blooms of young Ipil (Intsia bijuga) trees planted by baristas of a well-known coffee shop last 2011.  The Ipil trees have been flowering for the past two years but this has been the first artistic rendition of them.  She has graciously allowed use of this painting as part of the promotional materials distributed during the Makati Block Party last July 3.

I am pretty sure that if they were to speak, these flowers would definitely say “We love you!” to the people who have been working so hard at their conservation.  Cheers to the 60 baristas who helped us to establish TRCP’s Tree Conservatory!